“Pharyngitis? Oh yeah, I had that last week.”

“Pharyngitis? CEO had that two weeks ago.”

“Pharyngitis? My doctor said it must be really bad if I caught it.”

“Pharyngitis? [Random person] was off work for that.”

Rinse. Repeat.

I think there is no question as to how I became afflicted.

Earlier this evening I was at the point where I had a very husky, extremely sexy voice.

Now I am at the point where everything comes out in barely audible squeaks.

Next up: muteness.

2 thoughts on “germs

  1. I know, I know …

    But I did stay home yesterday! This was primarily because I coughed non-stop for approximately 40 hours.

    Went back to work like a proper martyr today – complete with squeaky / barely audible voice and just the occasional horrible coughing fit to show everyone what a Dedicated Professional I am.

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