in which you are surprised that i am not perfect

Regular readers will know that we do very much enjoy baking in this haus and that our results are usually pretty gosh-darn fabulous.

This, however, is not the story of one of those times.

It started with a simple enough looking bikkie from the CWA Biscuits and Slices cookbook, as requested by Joe/Frank.

Monte Carlos p.17

I sensed when mixing that the consistency was a bit less moist than I thought it ought have been, but persisted despite my better judgement (first time with the recipe and all).

The rolling into balls and baking only confirmed my suspicions.

from above they don’t look too bad

But when you get up close the full!horror! is revealed.

The Humanity! Let us not even discuss the icing disaster.

Everyone claimed they were tasty.

7 thoughts on “in which you are surprised that i am not perfect

  1. TC, I thought them a little dry and rather underwhelming. Like my beloved fam, you are too sweet, I do feel encouraged! .

    Flashman, I suspect the flour was too strong and the egg too small (or a typo). I did briefly wonder for a moment if it was one of those urban-mythly instances where Nanna-type gives recipe with slight variations so recipient can never quite replicate the dish.

    Prudence, back in the day I frequently made quite scrumptious pumpkin scones from a Lady Flo recipe (my copy lost in mists of time). If only she’d used more of those powers for good (or spousal poisoning).

    I have quite given up on anything involving icing sugar (except for dusting of course), the results are frequently disappointing. Fortunately none of us really care for icing, so this is not particularly difficult.

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