cathartic (more ranting)

So the whole Bratson saga kicked up a notch today.

Please enjoy some excerpts from my file notes:
Delays with current task due to time spent texting and on internet

Noted that Bratson was spending a good deal of time texting and on the internet.

Bratson responded that he “needed his headspace” and stated that he had not missed any deadlines (ha! see below).

Reminded him that:

  • We need to complete assigned work as quickly and accurately as possible so we can move on to the many, many other tasks we have.
  • It is not appropriate to sit about texting / browsing the internet when work needs to be completed.

Current Task (2 part task)
Due: 27/9
Part 1. Search for 143 names in database – generous estimated time: 6
hours (at 1-2 max) per name. Time allowed 2 days.

  • Copy Name from spreadsheet
  • Paste into search screen
  • Click Search Button
  • Copy result to spreadsheet
  • If no result, search for variation of name and repeat
  1. Sat with Bratson for approximately 15-20 minutes explaining task
  2. Had Bratson take notes while watching me complete task actions
  3. Sat with Bratson for approximately 10-15 minutes while he started task to answer questions

Part 2. [other, lengthy part of task]

Part 1 of task has taken 3.5 days+. Bratson has been reminded on several occasions that this is a two part task and the deadline given was for both pieces of work.

Bratson has been asked multiple times each day (particularly when observed texting and on internet) how he was going, if there were any issues he needed resolved or if he had any questions.

When pressed Bratson advised Part 1 would be completed COB 26/9.

Update: 28/9 – Bratson delivered part 1 of task at 1.15pm 27/8.

I now need to complete part 2 of the task myself (Bratson out of office today), adversely impacting my other deliverables and have had to apologise profusely for delay in delivery.

Just WTF?

Headspace indeed!

Given that my previous approaches to MrT regarding Bratson have been unsuccessful, I approached his PA about how I might best raise this.

Today, when expressing disgruntlement to MrT that my work had now slipped (see above) I received a right bollocking.

Apparently I have “personal issues” and “negative energy” with Bratson.

As a manager, it is my job to ensure Bratson is not texting/using the internet
As a manager, it is my job to ensure Bratson performs to my standards
As a manager, if Bratson does not understand a simple task, it is my fault for not explaining it adequately

I attempted to explain the very, gentle, encouraging approach I had taken with Bratson (ie. treating him like a 5 year old) and I received a bollocking.

I also received a bollocking for approaching his PA.

When I asked MrT if he was certain he was being completely objective here, I received another bollocking.

The astounding thing is that SaltMinesLimited is not the type of place where quasi-nepotism1 abounds, if I was in a law firm or professional services (please Universe, never again!), I would totally expect this and act accordingly. My peers in middle management (who have all mostly done the very hard-yards) are particularly livid at this nonsense.

I’m thinking the optimal strategy is to give Bratson no work and let him wander, eat biscuits and text to his heart’s content while earning his ridiculous salary.

1thanks to ruthless

6 thoughts on “cathartic (more ranting)

  1. One thing I do not like about wordpress is that it does not play at all nicely with my phone and ate TWO very lengthy comments from this morning.

    Anyway, let’s try again
    Please karma, don’t tarry!

    So apparently Bratson is now being ‘mentored’ by MrT’s right-hand-henchwoman.

    RHH approached me yesterday afternoon to discuss Bratson. Bratson reports he often does not understand the tasks he has to perform (yes, that copy/paste/search – with screenshots and exhaustive notes / explanations is so very difficult). Bratson is also afraid to ask me questions (not sure he reconciles that with the questions he asks all day long) and that I am generally terrifying (please!).

    RHH reminded me that we all should feel sorry for Bratson as he had never worked in an office before and had no idea how to conduct himself. Ummm … Bratson is 23 years old.

    Unkind people might get the impression he is trying to play one of us off against the other.

    Horrible little monster.

  2. Looks like management style from above is to bollock people into doing what you want. Suggest adopting this approach with Bratson. Also suggest using external anonymous email account to send pornography to Bratson, then notifying IT if you see it on his monitor, but that’s an escalation tactic.

  3. I am kind of gleeful that MrT insisted that MrsCranky (a known quantity) take a hand in supervising him.

    She will definitely bring on the bollocking (and how!). Methinks he will rue the day he claimed I was “mean” to him.

    I like the escalation tactics, though sadly it would be all my fault too. “It is your responsibility to ensure that Bratson does not [redacted] at his desk”.

  4. STUPID HTC! I commented on this several times ages ago and although I can view your blog and comments it would appear I can’t actually comment! Anyway it was something along the lines of what a nightmare to have to deal with and I am terribly apologetic for the long overdue communications – I am currently struggling to adjust to the housewife/full time mother thing again after bringing home the (quite nicely substantial {for us}) bacon for some time. It is tough! Baby is due in SIX. WEEKS. so freaking slightly over that also. I hope your spootiness clears soon, both physical unwellness and little bastard at work.

  5. HARRIET!!!!!

    (I’ve been having issues too, makes me occasionally wonder whether to migrate back to blogger – even though I know there is certainly the occasional problem there too!)
    Was slightly vindicated this evening when MrT’s Right Hand Harridan (RHH), who has now also taken a hand in managing Bratson, approached me with a, “I can definitely see what you mean about Bratson having difficulty understanding instruction”.
    Poor you! The adjustment must be difficult, though I’m sure you will get your groove back before too long (and then – baby! [holy!goodness!]). Let us hope your (most certainly) gorgeous baby is born on the 27th, because surely greatness will follow.

    You must email me! And tell me your address so I can post small things!

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