You may recall the blanket that I crafted for Mom when we knew the end was nigh. And which she was thrilled to receive, and which we had tears about.

I came upon the very same hart-to-hart-exploding-television-blankie today in craiglist pix of the estate sale.

Sad, yes? I think so too. Your life reduced to pink price tickets.

Even sadder, Mom and her husband had a book where they listed pretty much everything they possessed and named who should get what. I am feeling rather guilty that we all decided we didn’t want anything (though Don and I do already have the china and the crystal and the silver and the sword) and everything should be included in the estate sale.

Really does make you think about what you own and the value/worth to others. Clutter begone!

And that we really must get around to making a non-crazy, very explicit will.

One day, in the very distant future, I’ll write a lengthy post about the settling of the estate. Holy!goodness! it has been (and continues to be) a bit of a wild ride.

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