samsung: just don’t

Friday last, which coincided with my long awaited annual leave/chillaxing day, I telephoned i-cure, the television fixer, to check on the status of super-shiny.

After a good deal of time on hold I was met with: “our system is down, could you call back in a couple of hours?” |”They might have to order the part which could take a lot of time and they they’ll have to test it” | “I don’t know who you could contact to complain … ummm … maybe you could check the website?”.

Fortunately working at SaltMinesLimted has made me infinitely more patient when dealing with customer service folk – and so I was nice and not at all stabby.

Anyways, after a week incommunicado, this morning I called i-cure to check on the status of super-shiny.

“Let me check … is ready. Didn’t we call you?”

Ermmmmm – no.

And so we trekked out the suburbs for collection (which interfered with my plans no end).

Now super-shiny is back in his rightful place on the stereogram.

We’ve had a number of Samsung products over the years and, on reflection, they’ve been less than satisfactory.

I think now after having gone through a warranty service, rather than writing an inexpensive item off as a bad loss and buying a new thing as has been our practice, I’m confident that I will seek out other brands in future, especially after my stellar experience with Amazon (so very good that I’ve purchased two more kindles).

Really, I would recommend that you stay away from Samsung altogether.


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