trouble at mill

There have been interesting recent developments at the SaltMinesLimited.

You may recall that around two months ago I was offered another role. You may also recall that I agonised very long and hard about it and after much advice, including that of an imaginary Internet Friend whom I admire greatly, decided I was going to accept.

Of course things are never that simple.

The CEO (henceforth: God) did not want me to take the role. For, as he explained, DishyBoss would be sad and TeamCareerDeath would fall apart (whatever you are thinking and WTFing, believe me, I thought that too).

CFO and my ex-boss from way, way back in Team Cool-Until-You-Are-In-It then concocted an elaborate scheme whereby I might be shared between the teams, gradually transitioning fully to Team NameToBeDecided.

And then nothing happened for a good while.

And so, miserably, I resigned myself to an infinite period of micro-management.

Then, finally, after I had abandoned all hope – late last week something did eventuate. The transition plan will be actioned!

As part of this whole refocussing, DishyBoss is being effectively demoted – ex-Team Cool(&etc) Boss will now manage him (rather than him having a direct line to God). This was all handled spectacularly badly as is the SaltMinesLimited way. He is verklempt. We all do feel very badly for him because he is a lovely man. Though in between feeling terribly badly I’m wondering why we are all cosseting a very grown-up man/person so.

CFO, who I’d previously thought of as very unhinged has been brilliant and actually treats me as an adult! I have started doing some work I’m delighted with. It is immensely refreshing – though I am sure it will become progressively more challenging.


4 thoughts on “trouble at mill

  1. “The transition plan will be actioned!”

    heh, good one (in a would be funny if it wasn't so true sort of way). When can we all start speaking English again do you think? Or will it be this way forever now?

  2. Don and I adore listening to arts programmes on Saturday mornings in the car because we delight in the ridiculously tortured vernacular. I think arts-speak has a good deal in common with management-speak in the tortured vernacular regard – all about the language of exclusion &etc.

    I feel that my inability to deploy management-speak without eye-rolling will eventually prove career limiting – which can only be for the good.

    That said, I am a huge fan of Action Item!

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