I remember how difficult it was initially to cram what I wanted to say into 140 characters and then how effortless it all became.

Am now (still) on a twitter break and I really am enjoying it (though occasionally I do peek to see what my favourite Imaginary Internet Friends who are not blogging are up to).

But often I really do want to share a quick link or photo. I think twitter has spoiled me for short blog posts, but I am going to attempt to bust them out more.

In that vein … I very much enjoyed this article about six months spent on the wagon. You should read it, I thought it very well written. Even the comments were shockingly thoughtful (well except for that one guy).
Now am enjoying the related posts at hello sunday morning though I have no plans to sign up for such an experiment.


2 thoughts on “pithlessness

  1. Am sure you will feel better for it.

    Our bank account is delighted since we gave up drinking alcohol during the week.

    It was (and occasionally is) rather challenging, but we both feel a good deal healthier. Is amazing how sharing a bottle of wine over dinner just become something we did out of habit every night.

    I still find it hard to believe that there was a very long period in the late 90s / turn of the century where I did not drink at all.

    But I was another person then.

    Good luck! Fizzy water is your friend.

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