early & often (nsw edition)

The state election we NSW-ites have long been longing(!) for is now only weeks away (hurrah!)!

The first election posters appeared a couple of weeks ago (seemingly overnight) on every available vertical space in the ‘burb. Note the very subtle nod to political affiliation in the bottom-left corner – I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to be associated with those clowns either.

It would seem that the whole “keep x” might be a bit of an inner-west (electorally super-marginal to the Greens) marketing strategy, because there’s also a keep Carmel twitter account (though no “keep Verity” one as yet)

Then a few weeks later, again quite literally overnight, the stickers appeared. Persons unknown had been very, very busy with a ladder.

It is difficult to find an election poster in Glebe that is not thus appended.

And then there was the clever commentary on the recent (utterly and completely ridiculous) scandal.

Actually, much to my extreme surprise, Verity has been a very, very good local member. She’s also been a pretty decent education minister.

I’ll still be voting Green.


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