2011: day 046 (tu) fettucini aglio e olio | 150211

I forced Joe/Frank to accompany me grocery shopping this evening. We were in dire need of supplies and I know that if I had been slaving away in distant locales, visiting Coles would not feature at all on my list of “things I would like to do when I get home”, so I decided to spare poor Don the chore this week (because I am the Best Wife Ever).

But I digress, we needed something reasonably quick and effortless after all that spending, so Joe/Frank suggested …

‘Aglio e olio’: fettucini with garlic and olive oil from Ed Halmagyi: Dinner in 10 (p.131).

Definitely superior with fettucini rather than the angel hair pasta of the last outing, also ten minutes is still preposterous and I have completely abandoned the gimmicky instructions.

Rather better results-wise than last evening, except for the usual way-too-juicy citrus issue (I suppose I could be plagued with worse things), which made the dish more than a little too lemony.


Cooked by: Carol


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