This afternoon I’m attempting to replace an ipod touch battery. Bessie’s ipod touch is quite elderly, has been dropped in the toilet (but still kept on keeping on for a good long while) and generally well loved and finally gave up holding any sort of charge, so was been recently replaced with a shiny new one.

I figured that a $6 outlay for a new battery from eBay and some time might make for a nice weekend project, because as well all know, my love of pulling things apart knows no bounds and if we have yet another spare ipod at the end of it all – more the better!

The replacement process is proving equally as challenging and ridiculous as I had imagined, infinitely more difficult than ipod battery replacement (which is rather easy) and will involve soldering (a task which I will second to my husband). Already I have almost stripped a very tiny screw head.

But I refuse to be defeated1, though think that I do need to take a little walk and revise my strategy.

1it could be that I will admit defeat later in the day – and I will be totally okay with that!


after displaying much patience and stripping a couple of screws (despite having a set of jeweller’s screwdrivers, we don’t have one quite small enough for these very, very wee screws) I have achieved disassembling nirvana!

Don will attempt soldering over the coming weekend (though given my penchant for fixering, I really need to grab the soldering iron and teach myself for future projects).


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