immunity is compromised

Today I visited the dermatologist for my foot pox.

It speaks a good deal to my current dedication to my new working hours that I slaved at the SaltMinesLimited for a couple of hours before my early morning appointment rather than rocking up post-appointment (which would have been my former M.O.).

The good news is that I do not have Morton’s Neuroma!


Dermatologist is convinced it is a plantar wart, but that, given my complete lack of pain with the freezing, it is a very, very deep plantar wart. She’s given me prescription for foot burning creme and explicit and complicated instructions the take-home of which is Not Touching while applying.

Given that she was a dermatologist, she wanted to perform a skin check and that is how I have ended up with a large chunk cut out of my back for a biopsy.

I blame all that slathering with baby oil and laying about in the sun in the 1980s.

Yet another scar to add to the biopsy collection!

Truly, the health fun just keeps on coming.


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