2011: day 041 (th) cassoulet [redux] | 100211

Don is in Melbourne tonight and I was out for a (surprisingly, very) quick drink after work with assorted SaltMinesLimited slaves so I raided the freezer and came up with Mystery Casserole (we do endeavour to label all the leftovers but this seems to have fallen through the cracks!).

I chucked some rice in the rice-cooker as an accompaniment while we reheated whatever it was.

Turns out Mystery Casserole was cassoulet, which I don’t remember cooking at all (reason 74 why I should regularly update this blog!). I think we can all agree that it photographs in a none-too-appetising manner, but didn’t taste too bad at all – though could have done with a wee bit of oomph.


Cooked by: ?
Reheated by: Carol.


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