get out of the kitchen

I’d never really understood the difference between hot heat and humid heat until we were in the Nation’s Capital. I thought Hot was Hot was Hot, but DisneyPrincess pointed out that it was cooler in the shade in Canberra – and verily, it was! And I was terribly envious – cold in the shade while the not-shade was sweltering? What? When can I move?

Back in the Emerald City, shade or no, last night was disgustingly, unbearably hot. We decided to roll with it and enjoy a couple of bottles of wine & pizza on the deck and not to move about At All and enjoy the view (which we do not do near enough of!). We’ve decided that if we are going to live in this environment we should just suck it up.

But last night was truly unbearable. No, really! According to The BOM it was 33.9oC (93.02oF) degrees at 2.59am!

No wonder sleep was a rare and wonderful thing, assisted by multiple damp face-cloths (chugging many litres of water at 2 hourly intervals) and pedestal fans on the highest setting.

This morning much time at TheSaltMinesLimited was occupied by discussions as to how we handled the disgusting temperatures (and those few people with air-conditioners were looked upon with scorn, as is our way).

Also this morning, as predicted, there were those of us who dropped a good deal of cash acquiring multiple evaporative coolers/air-conditioners, but tonight (despite the heat of the day) is a rather lovely, balmy summer night and I am glad I still have that $600 in my pocket.


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