February already? Say it ain’t so!

Not a great deal was accomplished in January, which was okay because I am, like, totally chilled and not putting any pressure on myself. Okay, chilled with only occasional remonstrations at myself for Not Achieving.

February, on the other hand, is shaping up to be Quite Hellish Indeed (work-wise for both Don and I), so I will need to summon all the chill I can muster.

My lovely colleagues gave me a post-op gift voucher for a … beauty salon, I guess … and I’ve only February left to redeem it (yes, so much for that “no procrastinating” non-resolution). Because there is so little time remaining, I plan to reward myself at the end of February for making it through the month unharmed/still hinged, though I have had some difficulty deciding upon an option/s.

I am avoiding anything to do with my face because I am quite happy with it (apart from those 3 pimples which developed overnight – stupid mirena), so am stuck with massage or body-wrap (either with manicure). I have had wraps and loved them, but never a proper massage.

I would have loved, loved, loved a feet treat (because I am all about the pretty feet), but the plantar wart (*ick*) combined with the leprosy I seem to have developed (psoriasis + newly-developed heel fissure – double, nay, quadruple *ick*) on my left foot really do preclude that!

Must call tomorrow and make arrangements.


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