out with a bang

After a enviable summer break, school begins this week for the wee poppets, which of course means book covering time!

Well, book covering time for Bessie, Joe/Frank goes into senior school and they tend to be all about the lever arch folder.

Long time readers will know that book covering is always a big deal in CasaDonaldoYCarole. This year, Bessie and I spent a good deal of time work-shopping, deliberating, discussing options, caucusing &etc.

We were torn between using cut-down kitschy record album covers and an retro-postal theme.

Eventually, we decided upon retro-postal – purely for cost/simplicity, though we plan to totally source inexpensive album covers for some manner of project this year.

We went with brown paper and cute labels from the newsagents, a packet of cancelled collectible stamps from the Post Office and combined them with whatever postal labels we had laying about on packaging in the haus (airmail, customs and the like).

Each book has stamps related to the subject – English has the Queen, Maths has stamps with only numbers … Occasionally it was a bit of a stretch as there weren’t a great deal of thematic stamps in the packet.

Adorable! Bess used the hipster typewriter for the labels.

We completed the covering this morning, then Don and I visited Joan to pick up the boxes/cast-offs mentioned in the last post. Whereupon we found a huge, huge envelope and an album of hundreds and hundreds of completely wonderful 70s, 80s and 90s stamps (so much better than those in our packet from the PO).

Bessie and I laughed, shook our heads and decided we’d save the wonderful stamps for another project!


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