my bad, my bad influence

Walked home today in the 3Xtr3m3 h34t, so sent Joe/Frank down to collect the mail (the mailbox not being on the direct 3xtr3m3 h34t route). There was some mail for Don and none for me1, thus I cast all mail-related matters out of my mind.

When Don arrived home (with wine!) he opened the mail and found the following:


Gasp! Pinged for doing 53kph in the Cross City Tunnel, which at the time of driving was a 40kph zone (I will point out that the usual speed for the tunnel is 80kph – stupidly ridiculous variable speed limits! And for no reason!).

It would seem that my kindly gesture in driving Joan home after she locked her keys in her haus had backfired!

One point gone and $90 later.

Don thinks this hilarious because I am an absolute stick-to-the-speed-limit-Nazi (no! really!) and curse all who exceed it, including Don (and it is interesting to note that he has well exceeded 80 in that tunnel and remained unscathed. Conspiracy?).

Joan can catch the bus(es) home next time2.

1Interestingly, Joan called about a random ANU survey sent to 80K hausholds in Sydney and asked if we had received it, I was all like, “no, but Don has a mysterious, unidentified mail item from Strawberry Hills”.

2Also, Joan, you need to return your spare set of keys to me for when this next occurs.


4 thoughts on “my bad, my bad influence

  1. Joan is here!

    I *hate* changing speed zones. I got caught in similar circumstances and am a similar stick-to-the-limit gal and was mighty, mighty annoyed.

    One point is okay if you don't generally lose points. I tell myself it will disappear before I know it.

  2. Could be worse. Your significant other could file the fine away without opening it, so you have no chance to appeal it on the grounds that the local parking inspectors' measurement of 10 metres from the intersection is (by their own admission) performed visually from inside a car, and then you get a bill with an extra $100 on top for late payment when you never even got a slip on your windscreen, and then you can't get mad at her because she's so cute and contrite when she apologises… where was I going with this? Oh yeah, explaining where my $280 went.

  3. Joan, don't be silly. I'll extract payment by constant harping on about it, thank-you-very-much!

    TC, the first and last point I lost was 10 years ago, hopefully this will be the only one this decade.

    Gosh, Flashman, I have a horrid vision of that in my future, as it the notice is currently sitting somewhere amongst the bottomless pit of Swans membership renewal paperwork (verily, they bombard you!) which comprises our “in” tray.

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