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This year, on Saturday evenings when the babies have been with us, we’ve tried to do something family oriented. We’ve watched footy, elections, movies, played buzz), but mostly, we’ve been about the board games.

Last evening, we dragged out Cluedo (which I don’t think we’ve played for at least five years).

This was followed by an impromptu game of scattergories (which we don’t actually possess, so we rolled our own – which proved just as fun. Though we need a D20 for next time).

photocredit: Joe/Frank

At the beginning of the year, we’d need to occasionally handicap ourselves to be fair to Bessie, who was just a sensitive (a teary) wee girl and was not at all competitive.

I don’t know what has happened in the past three or so months, but she is now regularly kicking our arses at everything we do.


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