Astute readers will probably have guessed that one of those “Congratulations Baby” banners was congratulating Don on his fabulous new job!

Obscure cartoonal reference.

NuJob is closer to home (no more hideous parking costs)! Closer to me! We’ll be able to occasionally have lunch together! Good times ahoy!

There’s a currently bit of an exodus at EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkers. Not quite akin to those heady times at the SaltMinesLimited (where we were almost at 90% turnover – hence the erstwhile MarieCeleste moniker), but ever-so-slowly heading in that direction.

One of Don’s fave colleagues left today after ten years with ESPD(!) to stay at home full-time with her very small adorable son. I totally blog-stalk her1 and loved an amazingly touching post she wrote about the woman who has been a huge influence on, and mentored her throughout, her career.

That sort of experience is a rare and wonderful thing. I can’t think of anyone even remotely mentor-ish in my life – apart from DishyBoss who has mostly taught me not to give a fuck about the politics at the SaltMinesLimited, which isn’t really working out very well career-wise for him at the moment, but despite that, he’s quite impressively chillaxed.

Though really, on reflection, chillaxed is a quite brilliant lesson indeed.

1No links, we don’t want worlds colliding!


2 thoughts on “envy

  1. Hey, where did my comment go?

    Commented last evening that worlds would collide in the worst ways: she is “real-life” (interesting that I need to state that) friends with someone who previously worked at SaltMinesLimited and with someone I went to school with (in my very small country town).

    Do not want!

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