on being a grown-up

“Why do you feel you need to be doing something productive at every moment and feel guilty and stressed when you aren’t?”

Thus spake my lovely husband this evening (or words to that effect).

And he is correct as usual, I have been experiencing an undue (and honestly, quite irrational) amount of stress recently about my lack of output in the non-werk arena. I’m plenty inclined, just rarely have any follow-through, so I’m feeling rather GRAR and under-achieverish.1

Of course, when I take a step-back and look at it objectively and engage the brain, I realise that I do actually achieve many, many things and I am in fact, pretty gosh-darned awesome and that really, I should just chill the hell out.

Because I am only just becoming aware that being go-go-go all the time is not entirely optimal, that it is more of a challenge (confronting even) and can be quite marvellous indeed to just sit quietly and revel in doing absolutely nothing.

I feel as though I should insert some sort of soft-focus, stock image here, such as one might find on one of those personal improvement blogs. Just imagine one. Someone on a beach perhaps. Or maybe a stream. Or rocks, they’d be good.

1The InformationSuperhighway in general and certain super-creative, super-foodie, super-parent, super-fashion-maven blogs in particular are not good reading-fodder at times like this.


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