14 is not where it’s at

I was really quite gloomy today.

A sore shoulder (too much computer, again), the surgery does not appear to have worked quite as well as I’d hoped (though am much less near death than I was, which is the main thing) and my beloved kindle developed a death rattle1.

But mostly, I am really feeling the effects of moving floors at the SaltMinesLimited. Everyone on the new floor is so very, very negative (even, I hate to say it, my best pals) and it is all extremely dispiriting. That, combined with AnxiousMum ramping up the crazy (which deserves a special post all its own) does not make for a fun working environment. I dearly miss those enthusiastic GenY lawyers I previously sat amongst. I miss the intelligent conversation with my ex-desk-neighbour.

Usually, I do very much like my job, but the atmosphere is now so awful that by week end, I utterly hate it and SaltMinesLimited. Okay, admittedly, generally I always hate the SaltMinesLimited.

I was very glad to come home today, I’m working on a piece of analysis I adore, for people I like, which makes things infinitely more tolerable.

Also, weekend? De-cluttering garage. Theatre. Food. Vino. Not being at werk! Excellent!

1Amazon support? AMAZING! The best customer service I have ever experienced. They’ve sent out a new kindle, I ship the old one back when I receive it and they’ll refund my postage. This makes me want to buy more things from them. Kindles for everyone!


2 thoughts on “14 is not where it’s at

  1. A friend is a recent convert to Kindles and spends all his time trying to persuade the rest of us to buy one. Interestingly his first Kindle broke within two weeks and Amazon replaced it within days. Great service but wonder if there ia more general problem with them.

  2. I'm thinking that the significant lowering of the price and the real rush-to-market of this version have really had an impact on quality.

    I know a couple of people with the K2 and they had no issue at all, but there seems to be a lot of commentary about broken K3s. I guess it is similar to the never-buy-a-first-gen-apple-anythign.

    I'm just relieved at the speedy replacement, though I probably could have pulled it apart, it was nice to get a new one (still using the old one because am in the middle of a book).

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