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This week, after almost 5 years, I cancelled my gym membership.

Because of those pesky health issues, which you now all know far more than you ever wanted to, it has been around 5 months since I visited and that, combined with our austerity measures (she says as she purchases a kindle) and the coolifying of the gym (it used to be so delightfully manky and unglamourous) really made me rethink the commitment.

Prior to that I’d averaged 3 visits a week for the last 4.5 years – which is a pretty stellar effort (and they said it wouldn’t last)! The experience was pretty successful, I went from being an unhealthy lump to being really quite fit indeed and actually enjoying exercise.

Here’s a lovely picture, stolen from the gym’s website, of my back while I was warming down from a run.

Since the surgery, my health is steadily improving and it is a relief to no longer be so ghostly pale and constantly tired. Don and I have been walking about the ‘hood in the evenings and to everyone’s delight I managed to walk home from work on Monday, though was ridiculously exhausted afterward.

When I recover a little more, I’m really keen on moving to running outside and getting back to yoga, although not with MrsDrBob – because she’s just a little too hardcore and breaky.

It is also wonderful to feel the brain re-engaging. I commented to DishyBoss, who agreed wholeheartedly, that it was obvious I was returning to my normal self, as I’ve been pretty relentless with the “I’ve been thinking …” since my return.


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