2010: day 266 (th) chorizo with tomato and basil over pasta

I decided that this week, by golly, I was going to force myself to get my cooking mojo back! Part of my recovery, if you like.

I started out with the very familar, is very simple and very delicious – perfect for post-grocery shopping.

Chorizo with tomato and basil over pasta

A recipe of my own devising (well sort-of, I imagine loads of people cook similar) – with instructions below!!


Cooked by: Carol

Now for the poorly-written and poorly-described instructions. I have an amazing amount of admiration for people who can actually write any sort of coherent recipe:

  • couple of splashes of olive oil
  • 1 onion (chopped)
  • 3 chorizo (sliced – I usually slice about 1.5-2 cm thick, but whatever you’d prefer).
    Also, if you have access to csabai, I totally hate you and you could use that instead
  • jar of passata
    passata rustico is superior I think or you could also use a couple of tins of diced tomato instead
  • a couple of small, hot chillis (chopped, sliced, whole – per your preference)
    you can totally leave this bit out if you are not a fan of heat
  • Half to one cup of water
  • couple of hands-ful of fresh basil leaves (torn in half if they are very big, but you can leave them whole)
  1. Soften the onion in a frying pan in bit of olive oil over a medium-ish heat- try not to use too much oil (the chorizo is way fatty and you’ll end up with a lake o’fat)
  2. Slightly brown the chorizo on both sides – you just want a bit of colour**
  3. Add the passata and chillies
  4. Add some water (maybe half a cup)
  5. Bring to boil^^ and then reduce heat and simmer for about 20-30 minutes, checking occasionally. You want the sauce to reduce and caramelise a bit, but not too much, so add more water if necessary so it stays quite saucy.
  6. Chuck in your basil and stir through until it is wilted nicely – 5 minutes should do it.

Serve with whatever pasta takes your fancy.

Serve leftover sauce on toast for breakfast!

^^You’d probably want to put your water for the pasta on to boil at this point

The easier (but more expensive) way to do this is cook up to ** and then chuck in a jar of Simon Johnson or Barilla pasta sauce and heat through – which would make everything way quicker and is almost equally as yummy.

Also, you really don’t need fresh basil, you can chuck any combination of dried italian-ish herbs in after the chorizo has browned – it’s fairly flexible.


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