2010: day 261 (sa) lemon and rosemary lamb cutlets + potato salad

Ordinarily we’d be cooking insanely complex things on a saturday, but this was a special request from Bess and is insanely simple

Lemon and rosemary lamb cutlets: marinate the cutlets for a good hour or so in olive oil, lemon juice (chop the rinds and chuck them in too) and a few large sprigs rosemary, then barbeque.

Potato salad: The potatoes are simply boiled chats, the key really is in the dressing – mayo (needs to be proper American mayo like Best Foods or Helmans) and a combination of mustards (Bessie used seeded + dijon) and some chopped dill.

Measurements? we scorn measurements!

This meal was excellent as always, but could really have done with some greens (I despair of us in that regard)


Cooked by: Don (cutlets) and Bessie (potato salad)

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