Don’s been a bit of a tyrant about ensuring I go for a walk every day, which is good because my natural state is sloth (and we all know that the health won’t improve that way).

It was a gorgeous day today, so I reluctantly set out to the park (previous walks have been to the shops and I was a little bored with Glebe Point Road). Once I arrived, however, I did enjoy it very much – sunny, gentle breeze, not too many people about. I spent a nice time watching a school of fish and a few jellyfish swim about and took some happy snaps with the iphone.

Happy snap. There are some rather large fish down there.

It was very lovely and very, very pleasant.

But then, something happened.

I discovered the most brilliantly amazing thing ever!

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of urban decay, I love nothing more than a giant, rusting abandoned building. One of my biggest wishes is to get myself inside White Bay Power Station.

There are enormous abandoned tram sheds next to the park. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the vast, cavernous space inside if you take the overgrown path alongside (which we all think is way cool). Unfortunately the path has been closed off the last couple of times we’ve passed by, but today I took the long way around just in case the path had been re-opened. It had not, but the gate to the tram sheds was open!

So naturally I totally tresspassed!

Even better was that one of the massive doors was slightly ajar. So I totally tresspassed even more!

It was all so wonderfully fabulous, I find it hard to contain my glee. It was unfortunate that I only had the iphone with me, because these in no way do it justice (although this wasn’t about taking photos, it was more about the joy of experiencing the building). A couple of other people (armed with much better cameras than I had) obviously had the same idea because they were similarly exploring with expressions suggesting that they couldn’t believe their luck either.


9 thoughts on “rewarded

  1. Jealous much at your trespassing. They were on some tv show the other week with some bloke rabbiting on about something with some other bloke. All I could do was look at them and think “let me in”.

  2. Gorgeous! Have you been to Cockatoo Island? Well worth the visit – we're thinking of going camping there for a few nights in the Christmas hols.

  3. Have only been once and adored it (and took eventy-billion photos).

    We thought about camping there too – because how awesome would those buildings be at night?! But then we found out the is a strict no alcohol policy (the humanity!!).

  4. Oh Noes!

    Actually, I noticed the Big Green Gates (through which I afforded entry) were shut as we drove past on the way to Bunnings.

    Am wondering if gates are only open on week-days? There seemed to be some kind of open path to Harold Park, so perhaps it is part of the car park?

    Will force Joe/Frank to go for a walk (as mandated by Don) with me tomorrow and check it out.

    Also, Trespassing signs Be Damned! “oh sorry, what signs?”

  5. Ah ha! I only now just read that you tried White Bay. Definitely Fort Knox-ish, that one!

    I have read somewhere (wikipedia I think?) that occasionally it is open to the public, though admittedly, a tour, would not be the same at all as wandering about on your own.

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