recovery two

Dear Information Superhighway1

Today I:

  • Organised all the video from the various computers and random CDs about the place on the external hard-drive which plugs into new TV! (truly, the future is here) – including consistently naming everything.
  • cast two large spindles’ worth of DVDs/CDs onto the footpath for others to enjoy (I really do enjoy the occasional book/magazine/DVD sharing that goes on in the neighbourhood)
  • Woke up from sleeping on my side for the third night in a row! The JOY! The BLISS!
  • walked! outside! to the shops! which was not a little exhausting.
  • Drank Wine!
  • Felt somewhat human!
  • Taught Joe/Frank to do the washing and will now be paying him to do it!

I feel so productive. And human.

1henceforth will replace INTERNET in use on the blog


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