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It is no secret that we are foodie wankers (TMJoan), what with the WCoiC and 3 months of no-repeat meals and the food preserving and the hideously expensive, esoteric ingredients and the rancho farmo &etc. But we’re really in the junior leagues compared to Glutton for Life, so many strange and wonderful ingredients that are just not available here (raw milk! scapes!), also rendering fat! making cheese! I really do wish I worked from home and could pop in and out of the kitchen all day making marvellous things (at least, I tell myself that I would make all manner of marvellous things, in reality though, I’d probably just waste time on INTERNET).

I’ve long been really quite envious of the multitude of US bloggers with their CSA shares and the eatin2010 project has really rammed home how many vegetables we do not eat, seriously, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a distinct lack of green among the multitude of pix. So I’m really kind of jazzed by food connect sydney! We do love a project and trying to incorporate random veggies into our menu sounds both awesome and challenging. We haven’t committed to signing up yet, but will probably start with trial box in the next couple of weeks.

While it could be argued that my food photographs (yes, I’m still taking them) for eatin2010 have a certain regimented, rigid (if non-green) charm, there’d be no end to my boasting if my food photographs remotely resembled those on What Katie Ate. Just so utterly gorgeous!

Dry July is still going along peachily, but the lack of interesting non-alcoholic beverages is a bit of a Sad Trial. I already drink litres of water, utterly loathe soft-drink and herbal tea is beginning to lose its lustre. Don mentioned homemade lemonade and then by coincidence, these lovely photos appeared in google reader. We bought a bunch of lemons today and are planning to embark on syrup creation!

Also, Oven fairies?! Utterly Genius Idea. I so want to organise a visit!


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