cheer cheer

Dry July has turned football accompaniments from this:

To this:

Cast on just as we sat down and fortunately the basic simple lazy pattern is simple enough that I do not have to look at my knitting and could happily watch the game. It was delightful and relaxing, but makes me unsure how to juggle both beer and knitting at the next game in August.

Fifty minutes into the game today, a lone vuvuzela briefly sounded causing everyone to turn in their seats looking for the source. The owner, sensibly, showed remarkable restraint and did not use the instrument again. I wish the same could be said for the cardboard concertina clappers they hand out when entering the game, my ears are aching from the people behind us who were ceaselessly clapping, you really don’t realise how horrid cardboard can sound until faced with these tools of satan.


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