wcoic day nineteen: brazil

Well, given the oops last evening – you’ll be aware that this should have been Monday night’s dinner.


Couscous With Chicken

Ugly as all-get-out and severely wanting in the green department.

This was very acidic and thus, being quite possibly vinegar’s biggest fan, Don adored it. Me? Not so much of a fan of the vinegar, so found it a little challenging.

Things we would do next time (for Don is mad for it – perhaps we can freeze it for lunches?):
Soften onion and garlic first; then,
Brown chicken just a smidge before chucking in the other ingredients.

If you’re a vinegar fan, you may find this quite delightful.

And, thankfully, now we have a brief WCoIC break, golly I’m jonesing for a curry and/or a steak!


2 thoughts on “wcoic day nineteen: brazil

  1. I have never tried couscous! always wanted to and will one day ..
    I really need to find some time to email you, remind me some time ok. big changes here, sorry if my words aren't coming out right, my head is blurry – I am working full time, other half is now a house-husband! I am tiiiiiiiired.

  2. !!!

    Sent just sent enquiring email to nerd address – understand the tiredness!

    The secret to awesome cous cous is chicken stock and loads and loads of butter – otherwise can be a bit bland and spooty.

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