last day …

Don’t get too excited, unfortunately is not the last day at TheSaltMinesLimited.

It’s the last day of boozing for a month, so am enjoying a couple of glasses of wine while I can.

The first challenge will face me quite quickly. I am out to lunch for the best dumplings in Sydney with Heather and Not-Heather tomorrow (Not-Not-Heather has abandoned us for a couple of years in the UK) and we generally booze it up and air our grievances. I’ll be chastely enjoying my tea (and, not-so-chastely, the mucho grievances).

I do, however, have a project to initially keep me occupied. Mom is off for a newer, stronger chemo treatment and I offered to supply her with some head-coverings, lest she lose her hair – so this weekend will be the making of the (plain, non-fancy, sans-sparkly – as requested) hats!

I visited my fave yarn store for supplies and was delighted to be served by this lovely blogger,who I think is the first blogger I have encountered In Real Life (except for seeing smallstakes on the bus and someone’s children in Coles), although of course I made no mention of it – he’s not an Imaginary Internet Friend and squeee! weird INTERNET person! is not really the look I am trying to go for. But I will say that he gives just wonderful customer service and really makes me want to spend hundreds of $ at the yarn store. You should totally go.

The first hat will be from this pattern, which has become a firm favourite! Then I’ll be moving to the lace beret, not dissimilar to those I made for Joan and Smilla and which I really find fun to make.

And for dinner tonight – curry! The WCoIC project is fun, but becomes increasingly difficult as teams are eliminated.

So knittering and no wine.

For a month.

Am sure, if nothing else, the bank account will thank us.


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