wcoic day twelve: south korea

Bulgogi. Thanks again to the wonderful SBS food

To be honest, I was terrified of this dish.

I wasn’t terrified until I found out that Don had to work late and unless we wanted to eat around midnight, I would be required to do quite a bit of prep that I am not entirely comfortable with, viz: slicing meat very thinly and using the scary, hurty food processor.

But, like the trooper I am, I overcame the obstacles and this turned out wonderfully well. Really, I knew it couldn’t go wrong when I managed to score the only ripe nashi pear in Coles World Square (by golly, I loathe buying groceries after work!).

Definitely will be trying again, hopefully with some Korean soy. I subbed a combo of light and dark soy – which turned out well, but am keen to try the real thing.

This whole WCoIC project has been quite marvellous in terms of extending our foodly options – I don’t think we’ve yet had anything we won’t repeat!


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