wcoic day thirteen: ghana


This dish made me very cross. Cross because we do not have a decently sized non-stick pan and the lack of one makes my fish cooking go straight to hell without passing go or collecting $200. Sure, it tastes fab, but looks rather less so.

Also making me very cross was the disaster which were Joe/Frank’s computer issues (details of which I will not go into here, suffice to say that he lost just about everything – including an almost completed assignment due on Friday) which occurred mid-cooking.

This was lovely and simple and we all enjoyed it. I loved the cayenne rubbed into the fish – very simple and really very good.

Planning to cook again, but would try to make the sauce a little more robust, believe it would have been enhanced by a flavour which I’m struggling to put my finger on. Also, I refuse to cook any more fish until I get a large non-stick pan!


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