simple delights

Thus far, it has been a fairly sedate but quite satisfying weekend. Yesterday we were out and about in the neighbourhood making the very deliberate decision to leave GerryScotti at home. We often used to walk about together, and it was nice to reclaim some of that, rather than rushing about in the car.

While out, I spied an irresistible pair of boots which, being irresistable, I was forced to buy.

I’ve never really been a shoe person as I do have such a difficult time finding shoes that I like, that work with my life-style (such as it is), that are comfortable and that actually fit me (I’m in a sort of horrid no-man’s land of 8.5-9.5). Boots are particularly difficult, because all that running has given my quite fabulously well-defined, but rather large, calf muscles – when boots fit, I do try to add them to the meagre collection.

This morning we were down in the garage grabbing some moving boxes to deliver to Joan (who is moving to more salubrious accommodations) and I spied a broken box. “Ah ha!” I thought, “I can do something with this!” And I set about constructing cardboard tubes to keep my boots standing up while in the cupboard, because the floppy boots were very dissatisfying and are prone to get squished under other stuff – our wardrobe is quite large, but shared between the three of us.

Before I put them away. The new pair is the grey on the left.

The whole effect was ridiculously pleasing and makes me want to drag out my other pairs of boots from the garage and make tubes for them too.


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