wcoic day eight: vietnam

Joe/Frank safely ensconced at pater’s, we thought it appropriate to indulge in a Date Night!

Where could we go but Saigon Saigon? The scene of the first date, all those years ago. Fortunately, after a great number of hiccoughs (including the horrible stint featuring nephew with a newly minted Business Degree and Big Ideas), it seems to have settled back to the steller food and really fabulous service.

Note the red cast to all the snaps for extra! romance!

Vietnamese pancake – utterly fabulous and a dish we invariably order. Is just fab!

Sizzling beef. We covet one of those adorable but ouchy cow plates for ourselves.

Pork Chop salad. Somewhat underwhelming, the pork was wonderful, but the salad … well, I question the authenticity of carrot, tomato and cucumber.

“Wait! What!?” you say, “just where is Vietnam in the World Cup draw?!”

Well, mad props to you for your knowing skills … they aren’t.

We had intended Germerman1 and there was a whole “should I book?”, “no, it will be fine”, “you think so? you’re sure I shouldn’t book?”, “no, it’ll be okay” discussion.

We rocked up and it was over an hour wait for a table, but our First Date location could take us immediately.


1shout out to my second fave Steve Martin move: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid


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