campering redux: a short post

Fortunately, on camping trip #2, no kangaroos threw themselves at GerryScotti and scorpions were conspicuous by their absence.

This time our challenges were: torrential rain, freezing cold and leeches!

First we spotted a baby leech on Don’s leg. Out came the salt!

Shortly afterward, I felt an itch on my calf. Ouch! There was not one, but FIVE leeches attached to my leg!

The bloody aftermath, post-salting.

And two of the beasties left me with a little souvenir


One thought on “campering redux: a short post

  1. oh nice leech hickeys .. pity they weren't on your neck, you could tell a good vampire story! The only time I have encountered leeches was on year 8 camp when I befriended a rather humongous one.

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