eatin: giorno tbc + 2

We’ve cooked and adored this many times before, and, as always, overdid it and have not cooked it for an age. This was the first time we’ve used pre-made chili oil (the recipe calls for making the oil yourself), which made everything much faster – quicker than waiting for a pizza to be delivered – and equally as delicious.

While I find the shelling of raw prawns somewhat tiresome, the outcome is always worth the effort and slime and prawn poop. Certain colleagues have tried to tell me that frozen, shelled prawns from a packet taste the same – this claim is usually met with a sneer and a pitying look.

Don claims I am the best cooker of prawns in the ‘verse, my simple secret being always cook less than you think you need to. These ones popped with flavour when bitten into. Mmmmmmmmm.


Linguine with prawns and chili oil from Marie Claire: comfort

Cooked by: Carol (pasta by Don)


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