maybe make that the $150 holiday challenge?

As is essential with all new tents, we had a test construction run on the balcony this afternoon.

As I mentioned in the previous post, it has been quite some time since either of us had been camping and we were accustomed to old-skool tents such as the one pictured below which took upwards of an hour (and infinite amounts of cursing) to erect.

So we were rather delighted to discover that putting up new super-$30-tent took less than 5 minutes. Hurrah! And so spacious!

In other holiday news, I feel we are in danger of going ever-so-slightly over-budget for The Challenge. We’ve acquired a wee butane stove (not entirely being confident of our fire-making sk1llz), fuel for same and two enamel mugs (by golly, I love enamel!) at k-mart for a bargain $26. This means we have $44 left of the $100 and still a few essentials left to acquire.

  • esky
  • tarp
  • light
  • pump for inflatable mattress (one of those plug into the cigarette lighter ones)
  • cheapo saucepan
  • cheapo frying pan

We may have to re-assess the budget a little – perhaps increase to $150?

The very lovely smallstakes very kindly offered us a loan of her esky (so sweet!), unfortunately The Rules of The Challenge forbid borrowing, The Rules being – we must first attempt to utilise what already own (except for hideously expensive cookware – that just does not leave the haus) and if we do not own it we may acquire it, being mindful of the budget.

It may turn into The Holiday Of Privation, but I remain ever-pollyannish that it will be brilliant.


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