Occasionally, the bookman1 has an irresistible bargain. This fortnight it was a head massager for $7.00.

I’d owned a similar one of these many years ago, but it had disappeared in the mists of time, so I figured I should take the opportunity to replace it – mmmmmm … tingly!

Apart from the rather nice tingling (and making Don giggle), the best part is the packaging!

This head massager looks like a simple instrument but it is a lot more than that. By using a Brass handle the head-massager connects with the electric fields in the human body.

Originally the massager was used by the Australian Aboriginals and was made of bamboo; it was used for relaxing and stimulating the senses. In our days the head-massager is a well known therapeutic instrument for relaxing and stimulating the senses.

You will notice from the photograph that my handle is not Brass, so I feel a little cheated that it is not connecting with my electric fields. Maybe I’ve a mystical Ancient Aboriginal bamboo head massager! At least I’ll be relaxed and stimulated.

1for the unfamiliar: cheapo books for sale which magically appear periodically in the office

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