creatin’ (amazingly, not a food post)

I’d mucho craftage planned for this weekend – in an attempt to shake me from the creative funk I currently find myself in.

However, I’ve had quite nasty flu-like symptoms for the last couple of days (post Prodigy + Pavement), which required much rest and lazing about reading Mom’s cast-offs.

Still, an excess of alcohol & rest has me on the improve and I did manage to achieve at least one of the tasks I’d been putting off for a good long time …

We’re a haushold who insists upon cloth napkins at mealtimes, and, being dissatisfied with the hideous expense of adding to the stash, had set our minds (okay, my mind) to alternatives.

I’d picked up some cotton tea-towels for about $6.00 at Woolies in January, planning to convert them into cheerful napkins, but once they were in situ, I was somewhat afeared of the work involved and worried that I would do a poor job of conversion. And thus, they sat.

Today, I decided to Do Something about the pile that was taunting me, and despite all of my worries and procrastinating, it took roughly an hour to cut and to hem them all (black and white donated from Joan, who utterly loathed them in their tea-towel incarnation).

And, delightfully, we also now have a bunch of kitchen cloths (at left) to supplement the chopped-up bathroom towels that we currently use for wiping up messes and such (being the DFHs that we are).


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