heavy metals

The fabulous curiously minty asked in the comments on the bacon post if I’d heard of the BLT from scratch contest.

I hadn’t, but goodness! How marvellous! And how delicious! Surely it could only be improved by being a BLAT (and we do have that embryonic avocado tree outside).

And the winner? Totally could be the twin of my husband. Both in Enthusiasms and in looks (well, okay, currently my lovely husband has a beard and has lost the glasses – and he’d never have worn that hat – but onehungrychef is the doppelganger of Don when I first knew him).

And making his own salt?! Truly, I fear what has been unleashed. I envisage a period of visiting beaches and carting water home, because we would die slow and painful deaths if we harvested water from the bay in the front of our haus.


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