isn’t that a euphemism for something?

Yesterday saw the balcony alive with the smell of hickory (so much so that I could not hang out the washing).

Yes, after curing in the fridge for a week, it was Bacon Day!

After several hours locked away in the kettle (with careful monitoring of the remote thermometer by Bessie and Don) it looked like bacon, smelled like bacon and … tasted like bacon!

Actually, it tasted like amazingly good bacon.

The only difficulty was cutting to sufficient thinness – despite the ultra-sharp knives which can shave the hair from your arm. I see some sort of deli-cutting device in our futures.


2 thoughts on “isn’t that a euphemism for something?

  1. I like that Don's Enthusiasms mostly revolve around food.

    I'd not seen it, but how awesome! And I utterly love the winner's blog.

    Don's bacon methodology was based on a Ruhlman recipe and he looked almost identical to onehungrychef when I first knew him (now he's bearded and sans-specs).

    When described making own salt, he got a gleam in his eye – yes, darling, you could make us poison salt from water gathered from the bay at the front of our house.

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