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Regular readers will no doubt recall my ≤$6 readin’ project.

The project was going hammer and tongs, but is kind of stuck at the moment because I’m using any excuse possible (such as reading strange religious tracts) to avoid the book1 I’m 96 (of 572) pages into.

The burning question is, should I abandon a book I find quite tedious and characters I find supremely unpleasant and move onto something else? Or plough through and hope there is some sort of redemption? Or anything remotely interesting/diverting?

Smila raved about this author and gifted me a book while she was here (which is not the one I’m struggling with, that’s still languishing on the shelf and may do so for a long while yet) and am trying awfully hard to like it, but have to admit that it is just not doing it for me. Ruth Rendell, PD James and Minette Walters do the whole genre so very much better (perhaps I should send Smila a care package?).

Anyway, I thought it might be cute to review what I’ve completed thus far in less than or equal to six words (because I spent $6 or less on each – I’m certain this thing has been done before on an infinite number of blogs, but hey, I’m going with it anyway).

Book 1: Judith McNaught: Someone to watch over me
Cost: $1 (St Vinnies)
≤ 6 words: Slightly fewer twists than hazelblackberry’s life.

Book 2: Roger Moore: Roger Moore as James Bond (an account of the filming of Live and Let Die)
Cost: $1 (St Vinnies)
≤ 6 words:Rollicking. Need to buy biography. <3

Book 3: John Grisham: The Client
Cost: $1 (St Vinnies)
≤ 6 words: Same as every Grisham book ever

Book 4: Damned if I can remember who wrote it (because it has since been re-donated to St Vinnies) but it was an un-authorised biography of Laurence Olivier written in the 1970/80s. If I can recall who it was, will update.
Update: was Thomas Kiernan: Olivier

Cost: $1 (St Vinnies)
≤ 6 words:Olivier + Leigh = Execrable, tiresome jerks

Book 51: Elizabeth George: Playing for the ashes
Cost: $1 (St Vinnies)
≤ 6 words: Makes me hate books.


2 thoughts on “≤$6 ≤6 words

  1. Excellent! All I really needed was a push someone whose opinion I admired to convince me to flick it.

    Truly, truly ghastly reading! I will give E. George's other book (gifted from Smila) a bash, possibly because I'm bloody-minded. But am going to make Smila care package of PD James, she needs a taste of decent writing).

    Is harder to condense in 6 words than it is to condense to 140 chars for twitter.

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