eatin: giorno trenta e trentuno

A total family fave which has been trotted out semi-regularly since 2004 (trying to find link to first instance and failing, this is the best I’ve come up with).


Chili con carne from BBC Comfort food

Cooked by: Carol

Another brilliant meal by the super-fantastic chef who is my husband. This is one of our beloved meals which we’ve been careful not to overdo (yay! we do sometimes learn lessons!) – some of which has been earmarked for the freezer for one of those easy shopping-night meals.


Gumbo. Inspired by multiple recipes on teh internets.

Cooked by: Don

And that makes a whole month!

A whole month of remembering to get the camera out before eating and where we’ve not repeated a meal! This has been somewhat confronting because we’re really wont to repeat (and repeat and repeat).

The challenge for February will be to only repeat once a week (primarily because there are leftovers from January in freezer).


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