almost live beer tasting: tuesday

It was Australia Day, so to celebrate multiculturalism, we were drinking everything but Australian beers!

Beer Five: Fuller’s Extra Special ESB Champion Ale 5.9%
What the bottle says: Twice voted world champion bitter, three times voted champion beer of Britain and the winner of many awards around the globe, ESB is acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest beers.

Smooth, full bodied and bursting with flavour, with marmalade fruitiness throughout, ESB’s rich malty notes are balanced by a unique blend of northdown, target, challenger and goldings hops to give a long, satisfying finish.

Carol: 4/5
All those awards were definitely deserved, this is a really lovely drop. Very drinkable, but definitely beer-y.

Don: 5/5
Finally a beer that lives up to it’s label.

Beer Six: St Peter’s India Pale Ale 5.5%
What the bottle says: Originally produced to quench the thirst of British troops in the 1800’s. Traditionally highly hopped and robust to survive the long voyage to the Indian sub-continent. The result is a full bodied Pale Ale with a zesty character.

Carol: 2.5/5
I thought this kind of meh – definitely IPA-ish, could definitely taste the molasses but it was kind of jarring and not very well rounded. And, despite searching, I couldn’t really locate any zest

Don: 2.5/5
Meh says it best, baby

Beer Seven: Schwelmer Pils 4.7%
What the bottle says: Ingredients are just about it.

Carol: 2/5
Underwhelming. Expected it to be a great deal better, I’m really not feeling the Euro-beers to be honest.

Not bad, but didn’t get much of the saaz as I expected.

Beer Eight: Monteith’s Zesty Radler Bier 5.0%
What the bottle says: Monteith’s Radler is a refreshingly fruity lager based on a style first brewed in Bavaria. An easy drinking beer brewed to full strength with light hoppy notes. A hint of natural lemon and distinctive tangy fruity character and zesty finish.

Carol: 3/5
Could definitely taste the lemon, just not the beer! Honestly tasted like sprite. Brought back memories of the mid-90s and the alcoholic lemonade fad. Would drink again though – just not when I’m wanting beer!

Don: 1/5 (as a beer) 3/5 (in the wider beverage category)
Didn’t taste like beer at all. Very refreshing though.

2 thoughts on “almost live beer tasting: tuesday

  1. Gosh you have been drinking a lot of beer! You are making me want to try all different kinds, unfortunately I am all old-lady now and a glass of light beer sends me super-dizzy, I'm thinking I'll be alcohol free forevermore.
    I had to laugh, my goodness I drank a lot of Two Dogs in 1994!

  2. Not really that much beer – we were sharing the stubbies. I'm a total lightweight compared to Don!

    Oh! I remember those years of not drinking I had in my mid-30s. Don't give up yet! I'm sure you can get back into it!

    It takes lots of practice (and teenage children).

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