a busy day

It’s that time of the year again – school book covering time! Well, for Bessie anyway, she got her book list before school finished last year.

Book covering was revolutionised this year with the introduction of 3M pre-cut tape strips. Where have they been all my life?

Bessie and I have been rather crafty this week:

A tote for her best pal’s birthday – refining her silk-screening skills. She did most of this on her own, with a bit of guidance.

A library bag for her little brother (lined, no less!) – requiring an emergency dash to the fabric store this morning.

Don was both crafty and frugal and whipped himself up some clam chowder for lunches this week.

Although I am a big fan of bivalve molluscs, I find the thought of clam chowder terribly unsettling. I think it is the seafood / cream / bacon combo. I could barely set foot in the kitchen while it was being prepared – perhaps some past life experience. Eventually I was coerced into tasting – it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I’d imagined. It would be delish if you liked that sort of thing – Don and Joe/Frank absolutely love it. Me? Not so much.


4 thoughts on “a busy day

  1. Those whacky Yanks! At least Joe is a left-coaster so we don't have to do the clam chowder thing, but he has been known todip Tim Tams in peanut butter.

  2. Don's a left coaster too, so I have no idea where this came from – perhaps it is all the Murder She Wrote I've forced him to sit through.

    No tim tams in peanut butter yet, but he's more a savoury-leaning dude.

  3. Wow, that tape dispenser is awesome, but .. “Once loaded the tape dispenser is practically full proof.” Huh?
    My apologies to your beloved, but that Clam Chowder is the most revolting looking/sounding foodstuff you've ever posted a photo of.

  4. I have to admit that it took a little time (and a couple of books) to get it to work – one has to yank very quickly, else the strips don't come out and the device needs to be dismantled.

    In defence of the chowder, it did smell magnificent, but I still shudder at the clams, now, if it had been corn …

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