yodstinboti: the first

We kicked off our Year Of Doing Stuff That Is Not Being On Teh Internets with a project!

I give you, Rancho Farmo: a planter box for our herbs. On wheels so we can take them in and out of the elements as required.

Mostly, when we’ve tried to grow them, our soft-leaved herbs initially do quite well and then are consumed seemingly overnight by ravenous creatures. So for a long time we’ve contented ourselves with bunches of cut herbs from the grocer as needed, which is dissatisfying as they don’t tend to keep very well and there is a good deal of waste. But we’re giving growing our own yet another bash and treating the potted herbs as disposable. The cost of a pot of, say, basil is roughly the equivalent of a bunch and hopefully will last a month or two instead of less than a week. We’re fertilising them to all-get-out and leaving them in their pots (or transplanting them into slighty larger ones) because we’ll just toss them when they get all spooty and buy another lot.

I’ll admit that I did purchase a tomato and a chilli for longer term growing – ever the optomist!

So, yay for a clever husband doing sweaty, manly things!

Next up he’ll be constructing a planter for the succulents, which unfortunately will not be on wheels, because: 1. Wheels are ridiculously expensive (although completely adorable!) and 2. The succulents don’t need so much coddling.


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