practical / impractical

Impulse buy from the B&P1

Water flask.

I adore it because it fits in my pocket and doesn’t take up too much room in my bag. Also, from a distance, it may have people thinking I’m swilling vodka or gin at 9am.

Don’t adore it because it really isn’t quite enough water for anything but a very quick journey.

1Our closest convenience store, so named for the bongs and porn which were once plentiful behind the counter when I first moved here – now, sadly, a generic convenience chainand the bongs and porn are long gone, but the name remains.

2 thoughts on “practical / impractical

  1. I would buy one too, just because people might think I am swilling vodka/gin whilst walking my child to school! Alas yes, too small for a decent outing.

    p.s bowels is the most horrid image-inducing spam-prevention word I've ever had to type.

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