more stuff in my letterbox

I swear this is the most enthusiastic home delivery menu I have ever seen.

From Lat-Dior in Newtown. The various dishes contained within have the following descriptions: Very succulent! Very Nice! Tangy! Delicious! Healthy and Energizing! Different! Very Aromatic! Very tasty! Quite cooling! Quite green in appearance! Lovely!

It! has! the! effect! of! making! me! speak! in! exclamation! marks! though!

I think my favourite dish description is: 13. Sossou Gorgiguan: Very Tasty! Has to be tested to be believed. (Originally from Senegal, the work [sic] “Gorgiguan” means literally “homosexual” in Wollof). Fresh and boneless tuna, steamed with some mild African spices, like netetou and tamarind.

Gay tuna? Awesome!

We’re totally going after Mom leaves (because everything on there does sound kinda fabulous) – will report back.


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