Like most right-thinking Australians, I utterly loathe Telstra (I loathe them so much that I will not even link to them). I loathe that I am dependent upon them for my rarely used telephone service, just so we can have ADSL.

So when I saw that our awesome ISP was offering naked DSL + $10 of voip + 50gb download for the same price as we are paying now (with less of those good things), we were raring to go.

Sadly, there was more Telstra hate involved, as we discovered when we went to transfer to naked. We are on shared spectrum (which is a Bad Thing) and the only way to get naked is to cancel our existing service and sign up again.

Which is cool and all – except we would be without the internets at home for 2-4 weeks.

Strangely Don is freaking out at the prospect much more than I am.

We’ve not yet decided on a date, but if it is 4 weeks, our lifestyle will be revolutionalised! For four weeks anyway.


2 thoughts on “Hutterites

  1. I share your Telstra loathing and am strongly tempted to switch to something like this. It's the hours spent on the phone to Telstra technical support when the line is running like treacle that depress me. We managed to get a credit for poor ADSL2 performance but it took a cumulative 10 hours on the phone

  2. And in my experience the promised credits rarely materialise without further nudging!

    We're definitely going ahead – just a matter of when we feel we can bring ourselves to do it.

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