completion date: sometime in 2036

I fear my sore forearm may have been the result of too much knitting, rather than (or in addition to) too much mousing, so am trying to ease off on both, much to my annoyance. The back of Don’s jumper is almost complete and was causing not a little angst with all the wool it was consuming – there was no way I would have enough to complete it and was toying with a vest. Fortunately I had the brilliant idea of visiting alternative Lincraft (the City store being all out of the desired colour), and much to my joy bought the last four balls in stock, which (hopefully) will be adequate to complete it. This may now be some time with my self-enforced down-time.

While we were out and about buying wool we visited Space, which I utterly adore and afterward was quite ready to ditch all of our furniture onto the kerb and redecorate. Unfortunately, I do not possess the vast amount of cash such an endeavour would require.

Impromtu Japanese last evening. Although I would die for gyoza and think that anything in tempura batter is delicious, it’s not my fave asian cuisine (that’d be Korean or Vietnamese), Don adores it though, so I try to force myself to step outside my comfort zone.


5 thoughts on “completion date: sometime in 2036

  1. ah yes, I do get a sore forearm if knitting rather a lot – I had forgotten as it has been a while since I knitted for more than a half hour every few days!

  2. Harriet!

    Yes, it does seem to have resolved itself with a couple of days rest. I think small projects are much less arm achy – I think it will be a while before I embark on another sweater after I complete this one.

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