see what happens when i don’t have a desk?

Poor August, all alone down there with its solitary post.

Don was having dreadful shoulder and arm pain for quite some time, which I figured may have been related to the way he curled himself around his laptop on the couch. So I kindly let him use my desk for several weeks, to see if it would improve things … it didn’t. He since been off to the GP and physio and they initially thought he had torn a muscle (ouch) which would have taken forever to heal, fortunately investigations have proved otherwise. The down-side is that he’s still got loads of recuperation and exercises and drugs ahead of him, but sitting at the computer is not something he needs to work on, so the desk is all mine again. And might I say that curling myself around a laptop is not really conducive to posting, so I am glad to be sitting up again.

But the blame for the absence of posts cannot lay entirely with the couch and lack of desk space, for not only has work been crazy, so have I. Last Friday I cried in front of everyone at the big annual Marie Celeste lunch, and followed up with a bit of a breakdown later that evening at the pub and another at home.

Am not coping terribly well with anything at present (I will not bore you with the details right now – perhaps later if you’re unlucky!), so I finally sucked it up and went to the GP on Wednesday morning for a referral to the crazy doctor. It is a most enormous step to admit that I need some help and even more of an enormous step to seek it out (because, really, there are so many times in my life that I should have done so) – so yay for me and the journey toward the slightly less crazy. At the very least it will provide good blog fodder.

The stimulus holiday in Melbourne was excellent and deserves a post of its own, but here is one of my favourite photos from the trip (admittedly didn’t take terribly many), I really like the light.

Love those trams. Truly, the public transport in Melbourne is a wonderful thing.

4 thoughts on “see what happens when i don’t have a desk?

  1. Oh YAY you for actually making an appointment, it takes a lot of guts to take that step, I hope you are on the way to betterness soon xx

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